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Specialty Classes

We’re always looking for new ways to stretch the effectiveness of rehabilitation.

We offer several exclusive classes to enhance and support your physical therapy care, and help return you to your fitness routine.

Space for these classes is limited. Please contact us at 952-935-4037 for registration information.


Balance Basics

Do you feel dizzy, unsteady, or have a fear of falling? Our therapists will precisely measure your baseline balance and customize exercises for strength, posture, flexibility, balance, and gait. Past participants have shown a 95% improvement!

Intro to Movement Therapies

New to exercise training? This class will help you decrease you risk of injury by teaching you the basics of body mechanics and body awareness. We combine an eclectic mix of stretching, advanced spinal stabilization and ergonomic education with entry-level Pilates and Iyengar based yoga.

SIT FIT: Ergonomic Consultation

Work smarter, not harder. Our Sit Fit program is designed to help you minimize lost time due to stress and strain resulting from poor workplace ergonomics. Learn the common causes of back, neck and arm pain caused by poor workstation setups and how to correct a faulty setup in a cost effective manner. Our office-friendly, yoga-based program will also help you maximize your workplace health and productivity.

Protecting Your Back

Improve your core strength and spinal stability with this three-class series. Learn exercise techniques that target the lower abdominals and help you stay safe and strong during your workouts and everyday activities.